MOgene offers the Eureka Genomics™ platform, a technology that has been acquired by Affymetrix®, and is now part of Thermo Scientific®.

Eureka Genotyping Services

Eureka Genotyping Services

MOgene offers agrigenomics analyses for testing parentage, genetic defects, quantitative traits and marker-assisted management of feedlots with our recently added Eureka Genomics genotyping platform. This exciting technology enables you to query hundreds of SNPs across thousands of samples in parallel.

Eureka Benefits

  • Platform Agnostic – Compatible with common sequencing platforms, including ones offered by MOgene.
  • Flexible Design – Interrogate all of your SNPs of interest in a single assay
  • Faster Answers – Query hundreds of SNPs for hundreds to thousands of samples in parallel
  • Build Efficiency – Pose multiple biological questions simultaneously in a single sequencing lane to reduce wasted space.
  • Reduced Cost – MOgene’s Eureka services offer a lower price per genotype compared to alternative technologies.

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