Bio-Plex Pro Multiplex Assays

Bio-Plex Pro™ Multiplex Immunoassays are built on magnetic beads for the quantitation of multiple cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors. Assays are offered as premixed panels, custom mixes, or singleplex sets that are run using Luminex® xMAP (multi-analyte profiling) technology, which enables:

  • Simultaneous detection of up to 100 analytes
  • Require low sample volume
  • Better sensitivity and dynamic range compared to ELISA
  • Easy-to-use software for instrument control data visualization and data management

MOgene utilizes the Bio-Plex MAGPIX to detection and quantify multiple analytes (proteins and peptides, or nucleic acids) in a single sample volume. The system can multiplex up to 500 different assays simultaneously.

QuantiGene and ProcartaPlex Multiplex assays are available in multiple formats across six species (Human, Mouse, Rat, Non-Human Primate, Porcine and Canine).

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