Agilent Array Services

As a Certified Agilent Services Provider since 2004, MOgene offers the number 1 solution for your microarray needs: DNA Capture, Chip on Chip, aCGH, Methylation, plus any custom array development on which your R&D team is looking to collaborate. Our key features are demonstrated high quality sensitivity and specificity in order to optimize and validate all of your probe designs and deliver the best signal to noise ratios for your microarray experiments.


We have the experts and know-how to deliver high-throughput array processing for any type of project—and any kind of sample input. Whether you’ve collected saliva, DNA, RNA, blood or FFPE, our lab is ready to get started with your custom array projects.


Agilent C Scanner

We scan with an Agilent high resolution C scanner with 20-bit dynamic range imaging and up to 2µM resolution. Labeling/scanning is completed in an ozone-regulated environment.

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At MOgene, we connect with our customers to make sure we understand the scope and requirements of each project, and to ensure that our data arrives quickly to advance your science. Start by filling out our quick Quote Request, and we’ll contact you promptly to work through the technical and delivery details for your project.