Array & Assay Overview

From whole genome expression studies to low density array analysis of a small subset of genes, MOGene offers the complete range of Agilent microarrays. We work with clients to design the most effective transcript profiling experiments, selecting arrays best suited to their research goals as well as determining the number and types of replicates to use and selecting the most powerful data analysis method.

MOGene provides the utmost in security, using the barcode-driven Clarity LIMS system to track samples from the moment they arrive in our facilities. Our experienced scientists can purify RNA from a multitude of tissues, using rigorously defined, fully-validated standard operating procedures.

After stringent quality control analysis of purified RNA (both before and after the labeling reaction), array hybridization, scanning, and image analysis, MOGene uses cutting-edge software and bioinformatics tools for data analysis.



Clients can provide fresh-frozen tissues, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues, blood, cell pellets, or purified non-degraded total RNA.



Data reports include result data (in tab delimited, default, or custom format by request) and quality control data (including sample, labeled target, and data QC). We provide all raw data, including scanned array images and data extracted from these images following image analysis. Replicate hybridization data is presented where appropriate.



  • Genotyping
  • Real Time PCR