About MOgene

Since 2004, MOgene LC has provided quality genomic services to research, biotech/pharma and government facilities. Our extensive journal citations for our services and testimonials demonstrate our solid reputation and customer focus. We deliver quality results from small projects to multi-million-dollar contracts, and a convenient one-stop solution for a wide range of services. From RNA/DNA isolation, microarrays, qPCR, sequencing, capture and bioinformatics, we’ve got your research needs covered. We stay on the cutting edge of technology platforms—such as the PacBio SMRT, nanoString and Eureka Genotyping assays—so your lab doesn’t have to.


MOgene’s mission is to provide best in class services to its partners in deploying genomic capabilities to bring critical solutions to agriculture, pharmaceutical and industrial biotech operations. Increasing crop productivity, reliability by applying genomic solutions is one objective of the company. We also enhance microbial productivity and metabolic potential to convert diverse feed stocks into a range of commodity and specialty applications.


MOgene’s Key Management and Founders include:


Craig Morley R.Ph is currently the CEO of MOgene, and has years of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings with extensive business development, general management and P&L responsibilities.  Mr. Morley has a track record of successfully managing, developing and commercializing products and services within the pharmaceutical, medical diagnostic and contract research industries having held senior level positions in companies which include: Eli Lilly, bioMérieux, Covance, Millipore, and EAG Life Sciences.


Shaukat Rangwala is currently the Senior Vice President of Research Operations at MOgene and has vast experience in molecular biology and gene expression.  He was formerly at Monsanto and served as a project leader in Nutrition sector and Gene expression group.  Mr. Rangwala helped establish the company in 2004, after working nearly two decades at Monsanto, where he was tasked with expressing the protein that was used to find compounds which resulted in Celebrex, the arthritis medication that Monsanto and Pfizer developed.


Ganesh Kishore, PhD is currently the Managing Partner, Spruce Capital Partners LLC and MLS Capital Fund II.  Prior to this he was Chief Biotechnology Officer at DuPont Company and formerly Chief Biotechnologist at Monsanto Company and President of its Nutrition sector.  During his tenure at Monsanto, he led the efforts on discovery, development and commercialization of transgenic traits and at Dupont; he spearheaded the development of a broad based, integrated biotech strategy in the area of seeds and industrial biotechnology.


Ralph S. Quatrano, Ph.D. is the Spencer T. Olin Professor of Biology in the School of Arts and Sciences. He was formerly the Chairman of the Department of Biology, Director of the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences and Dean of Arts & Sciences and Engineering and Applied Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.


Himadri Pakrasi, Ph.D is the Glassberg-Greensfelder Distinguished University Professor at Washington University.  He is also the Director of the University’s International Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability.


Rajeev Aurora, Ph.D is an Associate Professor in the Department of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Saint Louis.  He was formerly a Director of Bioinformatics at Pfizer Corporation.


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