Comprehensive Genomic Services Expert

MOgene provides a full range of genomics services, including support for pharmacogenomics discovery under “research” or “regulated” (CLIA) environments, for researchers in academic as well as commercial institutions. Our offerings include integrated services for DNA and RNA extraction, genotyping, sample prep and a wide range of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and gene expression studies. From qPCR to Arrays to bioinformatics—we’ve got you covered, and can handle any sample types. Leveraging over 15 years of experience, our quality and turnaround times are unparalleled in the industry.


MOgene Expands its Genomics Services with a New CLIA-Certified Lab in Maryland Heights. Learn more.

Multiple Sequencing Platforms

Need rapid exome or whole genome sequencing? Transcriptomics or ChIP-Seq? MOgene efficiently runs small to large projects across Illumina and PacBio equipment. Leave the sequence data generation to us, and accelerate your research insights.

Sequencing services

Complex Rearrangements Simplified

Long reads from our PacBio Sequel system simplify assembly for studying the complex rearrangements of cancer and other diseases. And with Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) sequencing, there’s less risk of introducing bias during amplification, simplifying the sequencing of high-GC content genomes.

PacBio Services


Agrigenomics analyses for testing parentage, genetic defects, quantitative traits and marker-assisted management of feedlots is now possible using our Affymetrix Eureka Genomics genotyping platform, enabling you to query hundreds of SNPs across thousands of samples in parallel.

Eureka Genotyping ...

High Performance Bioinformatics

Our bioinformatics team makes short work of genome assemblies with on premise high performance servers—each with 256GB RAM using familiar tools such as Velvet, Mira, CLCbio and Mauve. Collect your data securely from AWS for further analysis without missing a beat.

Bioinformatics analyses ...

Your Genomics Research Partner

MOgene operates differently than standard service cores. We speak to each of our customers to ensure that we’re addressing all aspects of their project requirements. From turnaround time to specific simple inputs, customized informatics and data delivery, we tune each project to our customers needs.

We accelerate your research. Order just the services you need, without all the planning, budget allocation and maintenance of purchasing your own sequencing equipment. You no longer have to keep up with the latest technology at your institution; as your needs shift or scale, we’ll be ready with the latest cutting-edge equipment. We enable you to explore parallel research tracks and hypotheses.