Pacific Biosciences Sequencing

MOgene now offers all sequencing services on the Pacific Biosciences PacBio RS II sequencer. Single-molecule, real-time sequencing by Pacific BioSciences offers longer read lengths than the second-generation sequencing (SGS) technologies, making it well-suited for unsolved problems in genome, transcriptome, and epigenetics research.


The highly-contiguous de novo assemblies using PacBio sequencing can close gaps in current reference assemblies and characterize structural variation (SV) in personal genomes. With longer reads, we can sequence through extended repetitive regions and detect mutations, many of which are associated with diseases. Moreover, PacBio transcriptome sequencing is advantageous for the identification of gene isoforms and facilitates reliable discoveries of novel genes and novel isoforms of annotated genes, due to its ability to sequence full-length transcripts or fragments with significant lengths.


Additionally, PacBio’s sequencing technique provides information that is useful for the direct detection of base modifications, such as methylation. In addition to using PacBio sequencing alone, many hybrid sequencing strategies have been developed to make use of more accurate short reads in conjunction with PacBio long reads. In general, hybrid sequencing strategies are more affordable and scalable especially for small-size laboratories than using PacBio Sequencing alone. The advent of PacBio sequencing has made available much information that could not be obtained via SGS alone.

Applications include:

  • De Novo Assembly
  • Exomes and Whole Genomes
  • Targeted Sequencing
  • Base Modifications
  • Isoform Sequencing Detection

Areas include:

  • Human
  • Plant & Animal
  • Microbiology

PacBio Sample Submission Guidelines
Please review following documents for DNA or RNA (IsoSeq) sample submission and shipping guidelines.
Sample Guidelines\Pacbio Guidelines – DNA v2.0.pdf
Sample Guidelines\Pacbio Guidelines – Iso Seq v2.0.pdf
Sample Guidelines\Pacbio Guidelines – DNA Shipping Handling v2.0.pdf


PacBio Sequel System Arriving Soon

Stay tuned for the most exciting sequel ever. This Fall, we’re adding Pacific BioSciences’ Sequel sequencing system for greater throughput across de novo genome assembly, complex genome sequencing, RNA-Seq, haplotypes and metagenomics.